Rendering the Portrait in Color (Utah County)

  • Drawing and Painting, Fine Arts
Utah County: 5378 W 10400 N St, Highland, UT 84003, USA
Apr 11 2024
Jun 28 2024
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For 11 remaining sessions $279.00

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This class will merge basic head drawing in neutral tones (pencil and charcoal) with transferring those values into color in different mediums. New pastels, pastels, pastels/pastel pencils and watercolors will be introduced and practiced.
A great class to learn how to judge value as color and ways to manipulate the pallette to create different moods. We will work in high key, high chroma, and low chroma to enhance different portrait styles, some after Art Masters.
Shelley Young
Supply list:
1. 2- 1710 B Conte Charcoal pencils (can order online) or Blick sells them in Sugar House, SLC
2. 1 pad white drawing/Sketch paper. 18x24
3. Several sheets of toned paper, can be mixed colors 18x24
4. Basic set of pastels with a variety of colors used for portrait ( blick has sets) OR you can also use a variety of pastels pencils 
5. Basic set of a variety  of watercolors  ( I use tubes of Daniel Smith, Windsor Newton,  and blick)*will discuss on first class) 
*Watercolor palette
* water container
* water color brushes  (a variety of rounds, mops, and flats ) I use Steve Quiller Richeson Professionals. Can order from Jerry's Artarama
 *Will discuss on first class
6. 2 new pastels...colors can be cordavan, bottle green, sepia, or Indian red
Roll of Shop towels or paper towels
Roll of masking tape
Board to tape up watercolor paper on.
Water color paper: 
Arches 140 lb cold pressed 11x14 block or pad
Kneaded eraser
 1 HB pencil


Participants must be 12 years to 100 years old when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/26/2024.

In-person location

Utah County: 5378 W 10400 N St, Highland, UT 84003, USA

Room: Table Room