Carve, Print, Repeat

  • Printmaking, Fine Arts
2900 S 300 W, South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA
Apr 02 2024
Jun 18 2024
$299.00 $224.00

For 9 remaining sessions $224.00

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Relief Printmaking involves carving an image into a material: sometimes Rubber, Linoleum, or even wood. The carved areas will be white in printing, the surface area will be inked and printed.

This class will explore Relief through simple stamps, black and white illustrations, and multi-colored images.

To access the class supply list, click HERE. A materials fee for shared supplies will be calculated and charged at the end of the term.

Instructor: Carlissa Shaw

Cost: $299


Participants must be 12 years to 100 years old when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/26/2024.

In-person location

2900 S 300 W, South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA

Room: Printmaking Studio